Dating a weed smoker? Advice and opinions anyone?

So I am feeling the relationship I am in... A lot. I am just interested in other people's opinions about someone who is an avid smoker.

The guy is in his late 20's.
Served our country for six years as a Ranger.
Has ADHD and says his mind runs 100miles a minute.
He says he smokes to relax his mind for the most part but also enjoys how it makes him feel.
He smokes about three times a day depending... Taking two to three hits off the bong ea. time.
He has a full time job making about 50g a year.
He has his own business on the side doing what he loves (machinery work).
His family knows he smokes & they are okay with it.
He is looking at going back to school to expand his knowledge in his field.

I used to smoke frequently but that was to haze what the reality was in front of me but I am happy in life now and have no real need to smoke often. I do occasionally smoke but maybe once a month or so...

Has anyone dated an avid user? Did it ruin your relationship? Is anyone on her a functional smoker? How are your emotions in a relationship? Does it fog your feelings? Anyone on here have ADHD and use weed as a medicine? Is anyone on here a parent and do you smoke weed while you are also caring for your children (just curious)?

I really want insight here. I am not asking him to change but I want to understand...


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  • I think the major problem with substance abuse that people often overlook is when you don't have the substance how do you feel? People don't understand that if you need something to make you happy even if it is a cigarette than your feeling's are already cloudy. I say this because how do they treat you when all of a sudden they can't have a hit or a cig when they need one they get bitchy and edgy without realizing they are hurting the people around them. Yes I have been with several women that were avid user's and would I do it again? HELL NO!..

    • I have been around him when he had nothing to smoke or didn't smoke for a couple days by choice and he was fine just talking a lot and fidgeting. That is just is ADHD though.
      Definitely understand your perspective though. I am afraid at times he isn't all there with me

    • Smoking 3 times a day is enough to make anyone not there with you... just saying... eventually the drug will bring on even more issues such as anxiety and paranoia. Not only have I seen this in several relationships, My father has smoked weed my whole life as well.

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  • Weed is nothing, it's going to be fully legalized in the U. S. at some point. It actually gets prescribed to me for anxiety. I never was tested for ADD/ADHD, but it's been suggested many times that I might have something like that, and it wouldn't surprise me. Honestly, I'd think nothing of it. It's not like he's getting hammered every night, that's way more of an issue, not to say that I don't enjoy a cocktail now and then. And if this dude was in the service, who the hell knows what he's been through. I'm not a big pro-military, pro-USA guy, but I respect any man or woman from any country who goes running headlong into battle. That takes balls of steel that I'm sure I wouldn't have, and I respect toughness above all else. So if this dude likes to take the edge off by smoking weed, far be it from me to begrudge him that.

  • i think you (or any other girl) should only have problems with weed smokers, if all they do is get high on the couch, watch tv and dont do anything else. there are weed smokers out there that get high and still get done all that they have to do. i have been unemployed for a couple of months now, but i really needed weed before i went to work because it was such a depressing and monotonous job. and i can't do my hobby (hopefully fulltime job some time soon) without weed either...
    i smoke pretty much everyday for some years now and it doesn't change the pov of my feelings towards any girl at all! so i think it should be no problem

    • What about when you decide to have children? Are you going to smoke while raising them?

    • it will definetly be a while untill i want to have children. so who knows how i will think then. but the way i see it now, i probably would smoke less, or only more at night or so... but i dont think i would stop smoking all together. and i think as long as my child doesn't see the weed, nothing bad will happen. i have tons of friends whos parents smoked weed

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  • I'm dating an avid user. It never bothered me because he always does what he is supposed to do. Always works hard, and cares a lot about me. It wasn't until I went through some traumatic events where I realized that weed helps a lot with stress and anxiety. As long as he is functioning, I wouldn't say it's an issue. For me it's an issue when they don't do anything but smoke weed. They have no ambition or drive to improve their lives.

    • So if you two end up married and have kids... Would you want him to be high around your kids or while raising them?

    • No but he can smoke when they go to bed like a parent would wait to drink after their children were in bed.