Is my ex gf a keeper?

my ex gf broke up with me few months ago she was the girl I never thought I deserve someone like her. She's super cool, good at what she does, nice to anybody she meets. Very strong personality but never mean to anyone. I felt so small cause I am just a country boy so when she broke up with me I was really mad at her. after few weeks later from the brake up she wanted to meet me and talk about our dating rules she asked me to not dating anyone we both knows and I agreed since we are co workers I agreed we don't want any drama at work. But I started to seeing my current gf which who worked with my ex gf. She seemed having a hard time watching us sneaking around. She went a bit crazy. talks bad about my gf. I felt bad for my gf my gf said my ex gave her a hard time at work. it turned out my ex never gave my gf hard time it was all my gf's lies and acts like she was a victim. I took my gf's side. It's been a few months since my ex gf left work and I and my gf are great together but ever since my ex left job most of my and her co workers misses her so much but nobody likes my gf. it seemed like my gf isn't good at what she does. Because of defending my gf at work I lost most my co worker whom used to be great friends of us. now I ain't got no one to talk to or hang out w beside my gf. she seems don't care about my loosing association with people who I used to care. but today I heared my ex gf told my lost friends about be nice to me and even to my gf. she said she worries about me loosing good friends of mine told them to understand my situations and try to forgive me of turned back to them for my new gf. now I wonder.. My gf doesn't even care about my world all she care is she got me all she care is that I choose her over my ex gf. but my ex who I betrayed still care about me and even people who I care. I don't think this is what she's doing to win me back cause she's not contacting me. she all does secretly. Is my ex gf a keeper? Does she really care about me?

what about my gf? is she just a selfish? even when we started To seeing each other my gf didn't care about lie to my ex gf since they are work partners. I didn't want to date my gf at first cause I still cared of my ex gf. but even my ex gf asked my gf to stay away from me cause we were still trying to be back together that time my current gf flirted behind my ex then told me ex that she never talked to me. is that make my gf a bitch?


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  • Sounds like me. In the role of being the ex girlfriend. Me and my ex currently work together and its the same dynamic EXCEPT... I wouldn't bad talk to the girl my ex is seeing. I wouldn't want to show myself in a bad light to my ex but I understand her view point and reason for the rudeness.

    She hasn't contacted you because she's hurt more than likely. You've moved on. Your current girlfriend is more than likely, trying to brush it off. I'm sure she's not selfish just not sure what to do and maybe a little concerned about how your feeling about your ex. The fact your ex told your current girlfriend to stay away however is messed up. Surprised your current GF hasn't said anything. Sounds like the complete opposite of your ex.

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