Should I ask her if she still likes me?

Well me and this girl been really close friends since 1st grade and now we're juniors in HS and we both have told each other that we like each other and would want to be together. Anyways, a couple months has passed by and nothing has happened. I mean we haven't hung out as much and she doesn't seem interested anymore. Should I ask her if she still likes me?


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  • Perhaps with you both Not showing any initiation on both your ends, it is Ending before it has even gotten started With------A couple of months have passed by and nothing has happened.
    Begin your beguine again, SeanD43, by asking her to hang out when you both are available. It's one way of finding out where you stand without being too forward by asking her something that may shoot things down here and go south as well.
    If she seems hept to it, Johnny on the spot with her reply, then you have a small answer right there. However, if she doesn't appear this eager beaver, making up lame duck excuses, then tell her okay, just let me know if you want to and assume everything, possibly even this long term friendship, has gone dead in the water.
    I don't feel you both gave it enough of a push with telling one another one day you are Into each other and the next thing you both sort of shoved off like two ships in the nite...
    Even if it would not have been to your advantage to be two birds of a feather, I am seeing just two fair weather friends and not anything till the end, should this have now gone south.
    Good luck. xx


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  • No don't ask. Once you ask it could be and idiot if she doesn't like you. Action louder than words. What you can do is just try to hang out with her. If she doesn't want to it is clear that she lose of interesting.

  • No harm in asking I don't think. It might feel a little awkward seeing as you guys haven't hung out as much, but that way you'll get your answer and won't have to worry about it anymore.

    Good luck!


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