Is beginning a relationship as friends the best way to do it?

In your experience, which of the following is the best way to begin a relationship, and why?

1. Beginning right away with dating.

2, Beginning as friends, then slowly building up to dating.

I know it is important to be friend with the person you eventually end up with, but here I'm talking about the start of a relationship.

Also, what are chances of dating, a break up, then friends leading to a relationship?


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  • Right now I'm experiencing #2 for the first time and it's the best relationship I've ever had. I've never been so in love and we know each other more than in my pasts relationship.


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  • Number 1, overwhelmingly so. Number 2 wastes a lot of time not meeting other people, significantly increases the chances of getting hurt and developing bitterness, as well as likely extinguishing any chance of romance--with rare exceptions, the longer a guy spends around a woman, the less likely romance is to happen. The advantages of Number 1 are incomparable.

    I no longer even consider Number 2 an option. I exclusively ask out strangers or distant acquaintances (even acquaintances are too close to Number 2 for my liking, although I will make exceptions, provided she isn't someone who knows many people that I know).

  • I don't think its a good way to start because most guys will not get out of the friend zone

    • Do you mean the guy will want to keep himself in the friend zone or the woman will want him to stay there?

    • The guy will want more but the girl may not want to ruin what they already have.

  • begining as friend is a good option :)


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  • I'd say #2 is best.

    A lot people will say otherwise, due to one being left in the friend zone or turning down other 'potential candidates' while building up to more than friends. I disagree with both.

    Whether you start as friends or not, someone can easily end up in this 'friend-zone' anyway. Also, even if you start a relationship with someone not having previously known them, I don't think the relationship will have a very strong foundation if you're still seeing if you can find someone better in the mean-time.

    I've been with my current boyfriend for 11 months, and we started as close friends, knowing each other since high school. Some could find it difficult to make the shift from just friends to more, but it's totally worth it if you enjoy being around them enough. It's great, a lot of the things that are components of a successful relationship are already established before you even start dating such as trust, knowing their 'true colours', sexual history, etc..