Am I wrong to keep wanting/having sex with him?

this guy and I started hooking up in march. I ended up liking him a lot and wanted a relationship but he didn't reciprocate the same feelings back, though he liked hooking up with me.

i was gone this summer for 6 weeks and I tried to forget about him cause I was hurt. a couple weeks before I left I saw him at the movies with another girl and felt awful. I did end up forgetting about him cause I had a summer boyfriend while I was gone.

the last week before I came home, he messaged me and confronted me about something, saying that someone told him I was gonna tell him before I left we shouldn't see each other anymore. I basically asked him why it mattered if he never called me for 6 weeks.

2 days later he messaged me again saying that he was sorry that he never called, but it was because he had a bad experience before with long distance things. I asked him if it was cause his last girl (and only) cheated on him, but he didn't want to talk about it.

he asked me to call him and I ended up sneaking out to see him. I literally tried looking as ugly as possible (no makeup, sweatpants, etc) so that nothing would happen (I was still thinking about my summer boyfriend who ended up ignoring me). so we're just talking by the pool and stuff and then next thing I know we're making out. I was hesitant at first so I told him about my summer fling, which he responded "yeah... I had a feeling there was something going on this summer..." I asked him if he did anything with anyone else this summer and I don't recall getting a straight answer from him, and then we continued to talk/hook up.

since then, we've continued to talk and had sex for the second time.

i really like hooking up and fooling around with him. I know that I was hurt before, but I don't want to lose him.

is it wrong for me to want to keep him even though I "shouldn't"? every time we hook up, I always want more and it gets annoying cause he has weird patterns where he'll text me and then go for a couple weeks without talking. last week he surprisingly wanted to take me out to the movies, but then last minute, he said he got a call from work saying he had to be up super early the next morning.

i really want to call him and tell him about what I'm feeling, how I don't like how he stops talking for a period of time and most importantly, if he's hooking up with anyone else. I want to let him know if I'm doing anything with anyone, I need to be the one and only and I want to get the honest answer from him. is this a good idea?


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  • Better stop contacting him and never expect anything good from this guy. If a guy only wants you for sex without commit anything, It means that he doesn't love you. Unless you are ok for this, then you can continue. But it will just hurt you. Do not ever ever tell how you feel to this kind of guy. He will be so proud for what he did. Being honest that you only think about him, and he's the one, while you are not sure that you are the one for him, is not really a good idea.