Should I move on or not?

I started dating this girl i work with. She then said she just wanted to be friends. Thing is, she kept flirting with me a lot still and so it would give me a since of hope. Its been about 2 months since the whole thing started though and I admit, I fell for her, I still like hanging out with her but it sucks cause I like her as more than a friend. Im 100% sure she knows this and she will still text or call me daily but I'm still thinking is it time to move on, I can't stop thinking about her, she is literally in my dreams, is it time to move on?


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  • With Informing you on the job and after hours even that she wants only friendship, she feels comfy and cozy in knowing she has the upper hand here, like being her own Boss over you which is Why-----She kept flirting with me a lot. She knows it isn't going anywhere further than the office unless she says so, so with this in mind, she is finding it cool to hang out and be reassured that nothing more, nothing less is going to happen around the water cooler.
    If it is hard to endure, is breaking you down, then keep your friendship lite and semi sweet. Don't hang out, just keep it within the walls of work and this way your own 'Dreams' won't get dashed so much... it might even help to lick a few war wounds so you can begin your beguine to 'Move on.'
    It's your choice your call, but you are only hurting yourself by becoming More involved than you know you should be. It's easy for someone like her on the other end who is having a ball but not so much fun when it is someone like you who is getting Hit hard with one.
    Good luck. xx

  • If two months have passed and she's still flirting and you can tell that this is not just being friendly then i would straight up ask her out and tell her how you feel! Now before you say thats crazy talk because who has the ball for that, just consider that this chick could be playing you hardcore. She could be flirting with you just because she knows you want her and has no interest in you on a romantic way, which is shitty. But if she says no then you will know that her flirting was a lie and can ask her what the deal is? If she says yes well then wham bam thank you maam


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