If ur a heartless player don't answer..What is the most unattractive thing about a woman\man? And what is the most attractive?

Both physical and personality traits.. And why..


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  • Least attractive about...

    Woman: deliberately reduces people (men or women) into components, or assets; and deliberately ignore what makes them tick as a person. Example, girl will explain why guy is unattractive based off of characteristics that don't reflect character/are unchangeable.

    Men: use thin forms of "strength" (whether it's being aggressive, loud, controlling), to seem in control. Very easy to see through, it's just a drag.

    Most attractive about...

    Women: laughter, usually the uncontrolled kind, and what she laughs at. If she laughs easily, and finds little things enjoyable, that's the difference between "there's a good looking girl" and "there's a good looking girl i care about". Everyone once in a while, you spend time with a girl, and she'll say something like "you always... xyz", and you realize that she doesn't just spend hours with you, but she's paying attention. It's one of the best feelings to be noticed like that.

    Men: Well, speaking for myself, having the kind of strength to put my emotions second if someone is in crisis, needs the attention more. Standing in the middle when no one else will.


    Women: Smiles, laughs, stare. Stare is a huge one. There are so many genuinely hot girls who I've sat across a table from and they look lost/distracted/ditzy. And there are girls who you look at them and it's entirely captivating. I can't help it. Oh, and butts >>> boobs. Because no one can control the genes for boobs, but everyone can work out their glutes.

    Men: Again, I value in myself being well dressed, walking upright, firm handshake, speak clearly.


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  • I think the most unattractive is a girl who isn't confident, trusting or likes to argue over the small things. Also not as important & maybe obvious but I don't want a girl who is overweight or taller than I am.

    Most attractive is a girl who is smart & funny. I love having an intelligent conversation with a girl who can also be funny. A girl who is confident & believes she is the best girl around without overly acting like it & a girl who can support me, deal with me & make me smile during the tough times. Physically I like a petite girl. A girl I can hold, pick up, & enjoy the size difference. :)

  • Most unattractive thing is when she's inconsistent, flaky or evasive (that is: says one thing but behaviour doesn't add up). I appreciate honest and open communication and need to be able to rely on someone who respects how I like to communicate. Most attractive thing is intelligence. Physically... I like good skin and a healthy body. Unattractive? Smoking


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  • I guess most guys would say that a healthy body is the most attractive
    and te most unattractive would probably be somebody who doesn't think before they act or speak