Is he not interested in me?

Ok so I've hung out with this one guy around 5 times now and we get along great. We text occasionally and have had serious conversations and know things about each other that are very personal. He says I'm really cool and he enjoys talking to me, but he hasn't made a move physically at all yet. I'm not saying I want him all over me, but he doesn't sit very close, he doesn't really seem to find reasons to touch me at all. Sometimes his knee and my knee will touch but yea lol nothing physical at all has happened. I've met his friends, parents, and siblings. But he just doesn't seem attracted to me. I texted him that I think he's really cool and I like him but he has yet to respond. I don't mention this to him at all or push a relationship in anyway. He usually asks me to hang out but am I just a buddy to him? I don't know


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  • Guys don't really "Hang out" With girls on a regular basis like friends unless they have some interest in a girl as more than friends.

    • So am I over thinking things?

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    • No problem good luck I'd say I'm like 98% sure he likes you :)

    • Thanks! Lol you guys can be super confusing!

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  • Maybe he just doesn't want to scare you off. He probably just wants to get closer to you before making a move