Why is my crush acting like this?

So at first whenever I'd attempt a conversation at school with him, he'd keep reasonable eye contact, seemed happy to talk with me, held the conversation, complimented my outfit once (even looked me up and down), and teased me a little.

Now when I attempt conversation, he barely looks at me, talks really fast, cuts it short, and is always in a hurry to run off somewhere. :/ Wth? He didn't come across as shy.

We just talk about school work. I haven't told him I liked him. I'm kinda shy and I only get up the courage to approach him at school maybe once a week.

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  • Look... I've seen this happen with a lot of other guys. They will lead you on and if you don't make this stupid "Move" then they go on from you. Its a harsh thing really. And I wouldn't give him the time. If he's going to act like a child and play with your emotions.. then treat him like a child. I know it might be hard but just distance yourself from him. If he really cares and he will come to you :)

    • Oh, wow, thanks for telling me this. I hope that's not what he's doing, but your right. I'll stay away from him for a while and see what happens.

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  • The exact same thing happened to me
    He even cuddled with me
    But then all of a sudden he started acting like he hated me, giving me short answers and not giving me attention like he used to
    All my guy friends say that he still likes me, but everyone found out, he's embarrassed and he's trying to cover it up

    • Oh, that really sucks. I'm sorry that happened and it sounds like it's happening to me. Embarrassed? I don't think that's the case for me. I don't know what he'd be embarrassed about. Thanks for your help.