How should I go about trying to contact this girl , from same town but off at school?

I meet her at local bar a couple summers ago , we haven't been that close but we do talk now and then and she seems genuinely interested. I saw her again last night in downtown area of city she goes to college in I was leaving a bar and she stopped me on street to say hi , she was like I know you from back home , we didn't talk much but I was surprised she even said anything. she doesn't have a bf and taking a female dominated program ( dental ) so I think she might be interested based on her actions last few times I've seen her but she's away at school and although I have her # I don't feel that comfortable trying to reach her as only texted her a couple times before and that didn't really go over well.
i'll likely see her again at Christmas break at local bar but that not till a couple weeks and I feel there might be a chance to get this started before that and hometown a rumor mill so might be best to try and go on a few dates when she's off at school in bigger city than back home in front of all her friends.
anyways should I wait? try and text her again? message her? she's on Twitter is that an option also


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  • Yeah why not. It doesn't seem like the two of you are overly close so you're not risking some great friendship, just rejections a bitch. Id just go for it while she's away especially because if she does turn you down you will be able to save it from spreading through the rumour mill back home


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