Boyfriend loves me the most?

What does it mean when a bf says he loves me the most? Like no one loves me more than him.


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  • He doesn't men anything like another women -FYI unless he is the dumbest man in the world to open that can or worms.

    HE MEANS YOUR HIS WORLD HIS EVERYTHING and presumable he will do an┼Ěthing for you.

    • Oh. thanks. I was worried he's just bragging like 'u won't have anyone better than me'

    • No I'm sure he didn't mean you can't have better then him, don't read into it too much.

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  • I presume you know what the word "most" means?

    • Yes ofc. But does he express how much he loves me or is like 'I am the best u can have'?

    • I don't think he meant that.

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