What us in his mind.. Does he still love me?

So, my boyfriend of almost two months.. Although we were so much in love initially,, for the past few days, I feel he isn't spending enough time with me and also cancelled at least 3 dates.. i confronted him and asked him if he wanted to break up with me.. He replied that he didn't see the intensity of the problems, so he never considered breaking it.. Then he told me I was immature and that we should part our ways.. to which I told him we should talk it over because I didn't want to lose him.. He even told me he loves me too when I told him I love him.. And then I apologized and told him I shouldn't have been demanding and all to which he kept saying relax.. U don't have to take too much tension.. I'm still here with u.. Yesterday after that, we didn't talk much.. He just asked me if I had dinner.. I don't know what is in his mind.. Will he come back eventually? He is a Taurus and me a Leo..


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  • Astrology has nothing to do with relationships, it's only for fun lol. Second of all, if he says that he's still together with you, then he's still together with you. Before you get worried, stop and maybe think that he could be busy with work.