I talked to this guy on pof and?

He asked to hang out and I told him I was free Saturday and to text me, he texted me that night and I replied and then he didn't reply after lol should I text him again? If so what should I say haha


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  • I'm not sure. This is a small percentage chance I know, but no one ever seems to think of what if something happened with either phone or service and that text just didn't make it? 8+ billion texts are sent everyday in the US so I don't know, but if he doesn't respond soon just send another :) If he doesn't send anything back or starts sending one word texts, he might not be interested anymore :(

    Good luck either way :)

    • Okay thanks!!! What should I say if he doesn't say anything?

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  • Most likely he asked a whole hepa of girls the same thing, and you weren't the prettiest. Sorry, to be harsh like that, but I've had plenty of experience with online dating (and no, I'm not that kind of guy, but I know the type).


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  • It there anything that you really want to tell him? If no, just wait when he will text.

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