I feel really lonely and single in new york how will I ever find a man to be with?

is it cause im ugly that no man approaches me or looks at me?


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  • how will a man approach you if you hidden behind this wall of anonymity? Stop being so insecure about yourself and learn to embrace yourself why would someone love you if you dont love yourself first?
    Stop beating yourself up n be happy
    do you have any idea what ugly is?
    its someone who is materialistic, egoistic, phony, bitchy, shallow, not caring, lack empathy, doesn't has friends, doesn't has a job and is basically sucking the life out of others
    and i can bet my life it tht you aren't one of them

    • thanks <3 hug! you are right. i just need to put myself out there.

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    • no actually men are mean here and not gentlemen

    • lol i just wrote to buck you up
      but i guess u read it literally

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  • you're in new York. You'll find someone trust me. try going to the bar, or a club!

    • good point i dont really go out much i just go to work

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