I don't get around with a lot of guys and if I were to marry young is that bad?

So I haven't dated a lot of guys and I'm not one of those girls that the boys "like". I'm not popular and I'm kinda shy but I can be outgoing if I want to be. I am 17 now and say that possibly I want to get married in a couple years or so, do you think it's bad that since I haven't been out with lots of guys that I shouldn't settle till I'm like 25 or older? I feel like I'm pretty mature and I become more mature within a couple of years, I don't like just "getting" with any guy I want. Plus with how much I care the reason I don't go around and kiss every guy I can is because I get attached and I want something more serious, what is your guys opinion?


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  • There's no reason in this day and age to get attached so early. Enjoy your single life, enjoy being single, and things will happen naturally. As you become more experienced in relationships, you'll realise they aren't about what you want, but what you both want.


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