Am I being realistic or too complicated?

I've noticed i lose interest very quickly if a guy can't stimulate me intellectually. I love witty jokes and just talking about serious topics and not just joking around all the time.

It's been difficult for me to find that. I'm very outgoing and bubbly at times. I'll will talk to pretty much everyone. I get guys approaching me often too and well have a good time joking around but when it comes to serious and i guess nerdy stuff they aren’t interested and shut me down :P Is it just the age? (I'll be 18 in march) I've met only a handful of guys who are very interesting to me. (In high school)

How are people in and out of relationships so quickly? They make it look so easy! Hahaa xD

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  • My guess is the guys your age who have the courage to chat up girls they're interested in are not exactly nerds, but are rather cool or sexy.

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    • How do you approach guys that seem closed off?

    • I've noticed it's much easier for me to start talking with someone in a small group that meets regularly, e. g. when I took a squash class where only 10 people attended regularly and the other 10 only bothered to show up whenever they felt like it, it's easy to start talking to the regular ones during breaks. The guys who seem closed off have less trouble talking under such circumstances too.
      So my advice is join groups where the ones you like should be, so you have a good excuse to talk to them.

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  • It's age. It really is.

    • I nerd out over science and it's not particularly interesting to most people (other than those in the field), so I can relate. When I was younger my relationships were fairly shallow, mostly sexual, and I didn't particularly mesh with the men I dated. They were cute, but that was about it.

      Hold out for the entire package before emotionally investing. I, like you, am very extroverted and I look for connections with others. That's a GREAT thing. Just know that right now is when you're supposed to be having fun, dating loss of people, so that you know what you DON'T want as much as you know what you DO.

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    • Im majoring in biochemistry next year. But i want to be a neonatologist or general surgeon :P

    • Then don't sweat this. Do you know how many hot men you'll meet in pre-med? Have fun!