My girlfriend won't listen to me about her being a good girlfriend?

My girlfriend about 3 or 4 times a week says how she isn't enough and is a bad girlfriend and I try telling her how she means so much to me and that she is perfect but she never seems to believe me and I feel really bad because I know she tries really hard to be a good girlfriend and she doesn't feel like she is. I always tell her how I love her and that she is more than enough and I always feel like a horrible boyfriend for not making her feel better. So my question is this: anyone have any ideas how to make her feel like she is the amazing girlfriend she really is? Any help would be appreciated, thanks


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  • She just randomly says that? It doesn't happen after certain events like sex or kissing?

    • Usually its when she gets back to her dorm after class. She gets bullied a lot for what she looks like. (even though she is actually gorgeous and most people I've asked agree)

    • Sounds like jealous females that might even actually like you so they are trying to mess with her. There is a few thing's you can do to socially toughen her up such as let her listen to you and your friends convos about girls that might be making fun of her. Not to mention hearing guys talk can toughen women up socially. Next try really hard to pay attention to detail from day to day that you see her. Try hard to notice even if its her eyebrows that might have changed and say something great about them. Let her make decisions and tell her that's a great idea. Tell her that her ideas are brilliant and go through with everything even if you don't like it lol.

    • Thanks man, really useful stuff. I really appreciate the help!

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