What is it like to be with a man girls I need your help please?

now that I'm becoming a women i like to date boys/guys/men and have love making/sex also with them i never been with a guy before but sense im starting a big life change i like to try it

what is it like to be with a guy and also be intimate with one


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  • Being with a guy for the first time is kind of like being in a tornado-you never know which way the wind is blowing and sometimes it is blowing way too hard. But it is fun!! If he is a good person, he will let you be who you are and won't judge you. He will let you talk about' yourself and your concerns and what you like. He will respect you as a woman and not pressure you. If you find a guy like that, stay with him for awhile.

    But be very careful with your body and sex. Don't have sex just because it's fun. Men will always gladly oblige you on that account. Please Please be very picky about whom you have sex with and have sex only when you absolutely reach the point where you know it is safe (protection, girl) and you know for certain that YOU want to do it too. Because sex is such an emotionally profound experience, you don't want to be casual about it. All that being said, making love is wonderful wonderful wonderful if done with the right person. That's why our bodies and minds are so attracted to the opposite sex.

    But please be careful with yourself. It is far too easy to have sex for the first time, and that decision cannot be changed after it happens. I sound like a mom preaching or something, but I am telling you the truth.

    • thank you so much im not in it for the sex for a very long time :) and i will take care of my body :) and yes i will very picky about whom i have sex with and yes i will use protection:) i did use protection before i started my change wihen i was with my ex girlfriend so i get why its best for it :) and no lie about a tornado some guys are just like that

      thank you for telling me the truth.

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  • You're a woman now? Its gonna be hard to find guys who are into transgenders, but there are some out there just make your sure you let them know before you date them.


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  • I luuuuuuuuuuuuuurve the sex
    But HATE mens obsessive jealous nature.

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