Should I cut it off or see where it goes?

Myself being a very curious creature and because of my personality it is very hard for me to form attachments. SO, I met this guy on Tinder. He was first to initiate the conversation. We started to get to know each other and exchanged phone numbers. We make each other laugh, share the same views on life and people. He eventually ended up asking me to go hangout. So being the friendless person that I am, I said yes. But I am not the type of person to just up and leave without telling anyone where I am going. So I gave him the ultimatum to meet my mother and he agreed. So the day he showed up, he was not himself. He was not the same guy I had long conversations with until the early hours of the morning. He met my mother, she let me go out with him but she was wary of his behavior, saying he looked high. I ignored her pleas and went out. We finally arrived at where we were supposed to hangout, he was making me uncomfortable and I ended up ditching him. A few days pass before we come into contact again. I initiated the text because I felt like, I owed him an explanation for why I had left. He responded back saying he had no idea he was behaving that way and he was sorry that he made me feel the way I did and he understood my actions. He had told me he had taken Xanax before he had come to see me for the first time. We thoroughly discussed it and we slipped into our humorous casual talks. We joke about how badly it turned out. He said he wanted a second chance to make a first impression. Anyways, apart of me is hesitant to let him back in but another wants to be around him. I feel like I am playing with fire.


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  • Just see how your second first impression goes this time just meet him there and if he acts the same cut it off


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