Talking to my crush?

Okay, i like this guy. We had a presintation tgether in class one day and that was the first actual tine i talked to him. HOW do i become his friend to see what he is like or even just talk to him. Because i think its good to form a friendship before you date someone. Plus, im shy as hell, so I don't know how to talk to him. Please help!


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  • ino its the same old Bs but just yano say hi ask whatt he's doing something along those lines

    • i try, he is just always surrounded with his friends, should i still try to say hi if all his friends are around? cause i kinda know for a fact one or two of them dont like me.

    • that makes it tough... then try aand get him alone otherwisse I don't know

    • yeah, ima try, gotta kick my self in the butt to do it but ima try, thanks for the advice

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