Would you rather be with a man who works out, or works?

Assume the following:

Man 1: Lives on an allowance from his parents, has no job, no expenses, and works out in the gym for about 10-15 hours a week. It shows!

Man 2 is financially independent, but only works out for 2 hours a week (enough to stay healthy, but not enough to bulk up). His career and academics combined consume 60-65 hours per week.

Which man is more attractive?

(Options are hypothetically polarized by design. Feel free to give comments if you'd rather elaborate on your thoughts.)

  • Man 1: The one who works his body
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  • Man 2: The one who works his career
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  • I'd rather stay single! (Maybe cause I'm a dude!)
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  • Man 2, without a doubt. I'm not really fond of the "bulked up" look anyway.


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  • I would obviously want him to be an adult and provide for himself instead of living off his parents but I wouldn't want him consumed in his job either. I can't tell which is attractive because I don't know what they look like. Is the first one bulky muscular? or is he slim muscular? and is the second one skinny skinny or is he slim muscular?

  • Career for sure - looks will always fade.

  • Man #2. Looks are always second best to intelligence and independence. However, I wouldn't want him to be constantly consumed with work if I was planning a future with him. I'd need quality time too.

  • Absolutely mean nothing if we're poor.


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