Did he use me or is he embarrassed?

So an old friend of mine was texting me and we snapchatted each other and he would give me compliments on how pretty i was, adorable, etc. anyway he was like "are you doing anything later this week", and asked me to go to the movies and he texted the night of the movie offering to drive me there and then he paid for my ticket and we had a nice convo and we were really hitting it off. Later he kisses me and we make out and he asked if I wanted to go to his car after. We go and we make out and he touches me and I give him and hj and later drives me back. Says until next time... So I thought he likes me or used me... next day he never texted me... I texted him 2 days later thanking him again for buying me the tickets and he said, "of course, no gentlemen wouldn't" and I said "you most certainly were lol"... he never responded even though it says he saw it... Did i get played or is he just embarrassed he went that fast... Will there be a next time?


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  • He's an old friend of yours, so I'm not quite sure what type of guy he is unless you tell me more about him. If he's a a guy I don't normally talk to everyday, I would say he wanted to get into your pants.
    He might also be looking for friends with benefits and thought you're on the same page until you texted him a few times on the same day. He might be backing away.

    I don't think he's embarrassed.


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  • i think he used you.. or maybe didn't wanna go further with you...

  • It kinda sounds like he used you just my opinion.

  • i kind of did not understand this part " and I give him and hj". Not sure what that means. Did you two do something besides touching and kissing?

    • nope

    • he was maybe trying to get more than just kissing. As he did not get it, he probably just moved on to someone more "willing" to have sex.
      If i really liked the girl, i would text her back instanstly and keep it going for as much as possible. He is probably not interested in you that way as he most likely never was when he called you "pretty and adorable". He has something else planned for you. You should be thankful you two did not get to sex.
      There are some guys that act like that and lead girls on... unfortunately.

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