Guys must WANT to be the one to always text the girl first (-___-)... Whats up with this?

I don't wanna be that girl who ALWAYS waits for him to initiate convo everyday, and yes I've been guilty of it lately - I'm the shyer one of the two.
Anyway I started texting him first to balance it out.
Problem: Whenever I text him first, he takes forrrreeeever to respond!! It's been like 3 hrs and he still hasn't. It makes me feel like I'm bothering him lol... or maybe he prefers to be the one to initiate it?


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  • Is probably just that he isn't as attached to his phone as you are.

    • I didn't go into detail because I didn't want to type a 10 page paper on the subject and bore the readers, BUT he's been initiating the convo for years... yes, years. I'm horrible at texting (I prefer in person) and he knows this, plus I've been busy with life and he's really been patient with me and always checks up. So I hung out with him the other night and he told me how he feels about me (it got deep)... anyway, I decided to reciprocate and initiate convo but whenever I do, he's missing in action

    • Years? So have you gotten together yet? How did you react when he told you how he feels about you?

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