Does he like making out with me?

Im new at making out so obviously not good at it, but he seems to go all out when his making out with me, he touches and squeezes my a** and pulls me closer. Is this a good thing? I feel like I have no idea what I'm doing.


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  • Don't worry about him not liking it thst much. Worry about you not enjoying it, making out is a two way street. If he's enjoying it and you don't, it's pointless and meaningless.

    A guy would love being intimate with a girl, so he should make sure she is comfortable and can enjoy it. Just be straightforward. A real good guy would never dump you because you are not good at making out yet.

  • If I was dating girl who didn't know the stuff you don't... I'd be pleased either way. Just relax and let him do the rest. Tell him if at all possible.


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