What does it mean If a guy looks at me like he has something to say?

I notice how my crush would look at me all the time and say hi and act friendly towards me. Then he started ignoring me but he still kept looking at me like he has something to say. Why would he looks at me like he has something he wants to say to me or wants to talk to me? Why do guys ignore girls they like but still look at them?


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  • Because he probably does want to talk to you he just can't muster up enough courage. If you know he likes you and he's your crush as well then why don't YOU talk to HIM?


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  • lol i know why its because your giving him no signals and without any signals most men assume your not interested and take a step back, i think most women do that, there afraid to give away there position but it would make the world go round if you can make any effort at all


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