Should I give a birthday present to my crush?

Alright so you'll need some background knowledge of what happen between me and my crush , so i would suggest reading my previous question (and maybe answer to that question too , i need more answer for my previous question ). But if you don't want , i basically confessed to my crush and got rejected , but we're still good friends till now. This girl I like , her birthday is coming and I want to make it special , how do I make it special? I was thinking if I should get her a present , but it would be awkward to give it to her in front of our classmates. Should I like text her asking to meet her privately and then give her the present?


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  • - Make something that u know she would like or something you are really good at
    - giving it to her infront of your classmates would be awkward so you may want to do it in private when opportunity arises


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