Is she really too busy?

So I met a girl in my school a few months ago and I had no clue how I would approach her (she was the cutest girl I have ever met).. she randomly added me on Instagram and I then added her on Facebook, and we started talking in school when I said ``I really like your Slayer vest!´´and things kinda started from there... Then one weekend I wrote to her through Facebook, I told her that I would like to get to know her better and then asked if she wanted to hangout some time~ and she replied``OMG this is awesome I've been wanting to know you better but I've been to cheeky to ask´later on I gave her my number later that hour we were texting non-stop, We then met up in the skate-park at night and I taught her how to skate a bit then we just rode around on our boards and we we're also BBQ and started talkin, I then walked her home we stopped and was staring at a Indie-rock band poster and we then discussed going there together, anyways it was a really fun day both for me and her__I think here's why, After our Date/ish we started texting on & off about pretty much anything.. school, friends, social life etc.. we tease each other sometimes as well.. Remember that indie-rock concert thing we we're planning on going to.. she couldn't make it sadly.. But everytime I plan something with her now she's too busy and I'm getting confused and annoyed a bit so I left it and was waiting for her to make a move next beacuase i didn't want it to sound as if i'm nagging but she hasn't really said anything.. did i screw up? o. O

Im 15 by the way and so is she.. [sweden]


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  • if she's 15.. it's her immature way of saying, she's not interested.

    • but I haven't said anything that would make her say '' oh i think he likes me'', how can she be sure that I want a relationship with her yet?

    • girls can usually sense it (not with 100% certainty, but 80%). we pick it up from your non-verbal communications.
      the other reason could be that she's not even interested in a friendship.

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