Girl I just started dating had a big fight with her friends.. what should I say/do?

As the question implies, we've gone on about 5 dates.. so not even official yet. but she had a big argument with her friends. now they aren't talking to her. what should i do? i don't want to become a shoulder to cry on and be put in the freindzone. but i'm not a mean person either. so what should i do or say? Or do I just ignore it and never bring up the topic..

thanks :)


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  • Being you are just in the 'Date mate' Not 'Official' stage of the game, sweetie, keep it lite and sweet with her about something that she may not want to discuss with you, talk about and even if she Does-----Become a shoulder to cry on. Unless she approaches and broaches the sore subject, continue nursing and nurturing your own notch on your end. Bringing it up when she may feel you are crossing the line at this time, may end up putting yourself as monkey in the middle of just getting involved when Not asked.
    And of course, if she should ask for your opinion, your advice, you could merely say so there isn't any locking horns on your part at this point in time, that friends who fight, if true ones, will be friends till the end and if not, are just fair weather friends and she should move on from them if that is the case in a nutshell.
    Good luck. xx


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  • I don't know why you'd think being supportive would make you a friend only. My husband is my best friend

    • I recently had a huge falling out with a friend and it hurt more than you could imagine. My husband brought me flowers, tried to cheer me up, took care of all the household and kid stuff since I was in a bad place, and just let me know he'd be there when I wanted to talk.

      Frankly, I wouldn't have fallen in love with a guy that didn't seem to care about my feelings.

  • Your husband sounds soooo nice. Now about the fight, If this friend isn't one of your closest, give it time. If you are around him/her a lot, then try to not talk about the fight. Just be kind. Don't bring it up or try to say a nasty comback. You don't have to apologize, but don't make matters worse. I always fight with my sister, and I just leave and think it over. When we are mad we tend to do crazy things. If you are niceish to your friend, it is kinda like revenge, they feel bad because you are being nice and the mature one in this situation. Be laid back and try not to think about it. If this friend caused a fight this big, then maybe they aren't a true friend.


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