I'm an Aquarius. The stubborn mule I'm in love with is a Capricorn?

Something bad happened in my Capricorn man's life and I haven't spoken to him in two weeks. (we aren't officially dating, but we've been talking for over a year now). something very stressful is occuring in his life and at first I thought it was something he wasn't ready to share with me (because he said a few days to himself is something that he needs right now) so me, being the supportive girl that I am, told him I would be here for him, and that he knows where to find me. Two weeks later, and he's still MIA. I texted him on Thanksgiving with the generic "happy Thanksgiving, hope it was *blah blah blah*" he responded, and I left it at that. I said you could have a couple days to yourself. Not two fucking weeks -___- And I'm pissed because his absence is effecting me too but he didn't consider my feelings when he decided to vanish.
*If it wasn't for tumblr and snapchat I wouldn't even know he's alive*

He's the type of person that isolates himself when he's really down about something & just "hopes" that when he gets things straightened out that all his friends/loved ones will still be around when he comes back. (Capricorn men... smh)
Do I swallow my pride and text him first? (I always reach out first, I really don't want to seem like I can't live without him or I need him in my life)
Do I wait it out, with a deadline? (If he's gone too long he might as well stay gone, but should I give it a whole month?)

I don't want to act irrationally or impulsively and cuss him out like my mind has been telling me to do.

I'm torn because everyone says "just be yourself" and my real self would hit him up and interrogate him and demand answers, but obviously I can't do that so I need a better approach, or no approach at all...

  • Text him like "ummm HELLO? where have you been?"
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  • Wait patiently for him to come back or never again (no closure)
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  • Text him passively and ask if he's okay
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  • Tell him to lose your number
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  • you shouldn't believe in astrology..

    • Astrology aside, this is how he acts and I don't know how to deal with it.

    • well, it's either tell him to lose your number or wait patiently.. depending on how much you like him.