Did not return test and phone call. am I be dumped?

We supposed meet on Sat , but he work up late so he couldn't make it. so after he text me that he said let have a proper diner on Sunday.
and I felt annoyed at first so I text back said it OK, I have two parties on Sunday.
Then I think it not his fault , and he seems want to make it up for me so i said i may free after 9, I will let you know.
the next day , I text him and called , he did not return neither.

dating around 4 month now. never happened before. and I know his phone is working and he was not busy. just ignore me.
so that means break up?

was nice ans sweet last time we meet on Thursday. hold me in arms cuddling all night.

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text. sorry in a bad mood , did not see what i tap here. sorry haha


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  • How about you ask him first before jumping to conclusions. He might have had a good reason (if he avoids the question, you can unleash hell)

    • he did not answer or return my phone call. so I don't even know how to conclusion ! and it was totally fine one day before. I guess i am still in shock

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