So my friend asks me out on a date, but then stands me up. What should I do?

Okay so the other day my guy friend confessed that he's always liked me. I told him I feel the same way and he said he wants to try and give it a go. He's been badly hurt in the past and said that he's not good at relationships but wants to try with me. So he asked me out on a date and we confirmed a place and a day. But when it came to the day I didn't hear from him at all and so the date didn't happen. I messaged him the next day to ask what had happened and still nothing. What should I do next? Does it mean he's changed his mind about me? Does this kind of thing happen a lot? I'm kinda new to the whole dating/relationship experience, so any advice is much appreciated :)


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  • He knows he stood you up.
    He knows you tried to contact him.

    You've done your part in reaching out.
    All you can do now is wait for him to get back to you

    I don't know why he stood you up.
    There could be various reasons why.
    -maybe he had an emergency
    -maybe he got too nervous
    -maybe he lost his phone etc.

    If he liked you for that long, I find it impossible to stop liking you so quickly.
    If you do hear from him again ask what happened.


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  • Not what is suppose to happen, no this doesn't happen a lot. He probably freaked out and chickened out and is simply scared, embarrassed and/or ashamed to talk/face you right now. You have texted him a couple of times, the ball is in his court now. I hope he has a good excuse, if not, friends or not I would move on.


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  • Cutse him out and stop talkin to him