How to change my relationship status from single to dating?

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I'm a Junior in college and just turned 18 a few weeks ago, so now I don't feel totally awkward pursuing girls in college. I don't know why it always freaked me out to ask a girl out when I was still high school age. Anyways, I've never been great at making friends/girlfriends. I have a few relatively good friends that are in high school and aside from that I stay in my bubble. I'd like to have someone in college, particularly a girlfriend, that I can just hang out with and be myself around, as I've never truly had a friend or girl in my life like that. So what do I do? I've tried just approaching girls I find cute and asking for their numbers, but that's painfully awkward and even if I get their number I'm shutdown after that.

I'm supposed to be writing a paper so logically I should be asking a question on here right now.. right?

18 yo semi-socially awkward college Jr. How do you meet chill girls in college?


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  • Women love a confident man so believe that you are an amazing person and that will be a huge help. Maybe try getting to know girls first before you ask them out so you can see if you really like their personality and looks. Also try breaking out of your bubble by joining clubs and making friends in your residence. Making friends is important too and who knows maybe they'll have a single friend they can set you up with.


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  • Geez, and I thought I was smart for skipping fifth grade...

  • You can't. You are weak.

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