Quickest ways to get over an ex?

It took me a whole year to get over my 1st boyfriend... now, following my 2nd break-up, I'm going through the same lengthy, agonizing process. How do I let go of the sentiment?


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  • Fill your life up with stuff to do. Hang with friends. FLirt back at guys who flirt with you. Get some new hobbies so you aren't stuck in your own madness day in and day out. You need to fill the gap (the amount of time you used to spend with someone) with something else - that's what you miss the most, is the activities. So replace the time spent effectively. If you like video games, play video games. If you don't have people to have lunch with etc, join a group that does (meetup. com has heaps of options)

    • thanks, I'll try that out..

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  • get more better another :P

  • Get into another relationship.

    • If I resort to that kind of remedy, I'll just end up screwing around in desperation. Being so vulnerable, I can't make rational decisions when it comes to choice of partners, and scumbags would just take advantage of that.

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    • Sounds like a plan, thnx :)

    • You're welcome...

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