Prom ideas for girlfriend?

I know it's early but my girlfriend has already told me she is going to go with me to prom unless I ask her in a creative way, what should I do? She is about 5'9" blonde and plays softball and basketball if it helps.


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  • get butcher paper.. cut it and paint it in the shape of, color of a softball or basket (whichever she likes most) and then ask the question (or write something cheesy like 'might strike out asking but will you go to prom with me') and then ask her during lunch so everyone can see... unless she doesn't like that... then write it on the ball with a whole bunch of other softball lines lol


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  • Write on a softball "will you go to prom with me " and put in her car on the dash board with the question pointing towards her. And leave a nice flower beside it


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