GIRLS: How do you react to a guy you feel neutral about asking you out?

So a guy asks you out but you don't particularly like or hate them, just neutral feelings.

How would you react? Please be honest thanks :)

  • Sure I'll go on dates with anyone!
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  • I'll go on a date with him to see if I like him
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  • I'll date him so he doesn't feel bad or get offended
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  • I'll tell him I'll go on a date but postpone it until he figures I'm not that interested
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  • I'll just say no to the date.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I'd suggest hanging out as friends for some time to see if I at least enjoy his company.


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  • i would just hang out with friends and see what happens

  • If I have neutral feelings than I will most likely say yes or no depending on my mood or the timing.
    I have a strict mother and she's a bit overbearing. So at times I might say no.


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