Women who are dating & still talking to their ex's?

How do you ladies handle this? My ex gf whom I still love & she still loves me are working it out.

I'm still treating her like my gf but it bugs me that I've dated many women before her while she only has been with me for 5 years her whole life.

Now she's dating 3 other guys & still working out thjngs with me. Seems like she loves this attention she's getting.

I hate sharing but I love her so much I'm giving her this time to explore & see if she still wants me.

Do you guys ever get tired of dating multiple men? Or it's fun & the attention is good?


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  • I don't date multiple men in the same time it's called cheating and slutting.. I'm a faithful type I don't dined once I did put my self in situation that turned out to date 2 guys in the same time but after that I did stop now I date just one crazy guy one is enough xD


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  • Women who don't date enough men before they commit to one person are more likely to cheat or just want to be with other people. She hasn't experienced anyone but you. She's probably curious and is enjoying the attention. Let her explore, if it's still you she wants after trying different men then she chose you. If you aren't okay with that it's completely understandable.

    • Yeah she told me she loves me still but she's young and said its not fair to her I got to date other people & sleep around.

      She probably does love the attention but at the end of the day she goes to me first out of all these guys. I have such a strong bond with her & her family that I don't want to let go.

  • You deserve better. If she was truly confident in herself, she would want to share her life with one person, thats actually related to low self esteem. If she needs that men attention from men it means she's not secure in herself.


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