Should I tell this certain girl that I like her? the next thing is what if she's likes someone else would I be making a total fool of my self?

The thing is I am one who hates rejections. and should I tell her I master bate at night thinking about her. She is BEUTIFUL in my eyes. should I at least tell her that?


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  • Go for it. Tell her how you feel. Tell her she's beautiful. Take a chance you never know what could happen. Just mentally be prepared for anything. Things take a turn for the worse , there are plenty of other girls out there. I would hold off on telling her you masterbate to her though :) .

    • how do i break the ice without plumeting

    • Be honest. Just tell her: hey look , I've been wanting to say this for a long time but I was kind of afraid. I think you're absolutely beautiful. :)

    • ok ill try that

  • Don't tell her how you masterbate at night thinking about her. That would be a total turn off. Just be confident and tell her. She may like you, if she dozen't then move on. It may be hard to tell her, but its better to know now that she likes you, then wasting months or weeks on someone that does not care.

    • ok but what should i do to break the ice

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