Low self-confidence causing me to think he doesn't like me but so far so good?

I have in the past low self-confidence but I've been working really hard on it. I am an attractive girl but I intimidate people/come off as unapproachable due to what I believe comes down to just the law of attraction.

I'm pretty late in the game but I've really stepped it up and pushed myself to talk to this guy and so far it's working. He was flirting with me all semester so I found a way to give him my number. We texted a little but we were both sending mixed signals and it's been moving really slow because of each of us haha.

SO I asked him to a dance for my organization next weekend (i'm in college not high school) and he said "Yeah I would definitely go with you :)" So that got me really excited.

Well now I'm still making myself feel like for some reason that he doesn't want to go with me... heelllppp why do I do this to myself? We have class together tomorrow but we don't really talk in it because he's always with his friends and I'm always with mine (plus a girl in there he flirts with a lot sometimes but almost like showing off to get my attention or something)

How do I make myself not worry about what he thinks or make myself feel confident around him? I guess I just need reassurance haha because one minute I'm super excited and feel like things will go great and the next I feel myself locking up and already picture how awkward I might be


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  • Just remind yourself how hard you worked to build up your confidence and you will be fine.

  • Oh my Jesus. Just go with the flow.

    • easier said than done when you have an anxiety disorder

    • Take your meds.

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