Dating: Does this make sense?

When going on a date with someone, does it make sense to choose something YOU yourself want to do? Or should you cater to the other person? It sounds selfish, but if you guys don't have shared interests, how well would a relationship work?

  • the date should be something you enjoy
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  • you should plan the date around the other person's interests
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  • other. (please leave a comment if u choose this one.)
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This is hypithetical. Its not about me. Its a general idea.


Most Helpful Girl

  • You should plan something that you think you'd both enjoy.

    • So, the question is: if you don't know what the other person would enjoy, should you just choose something you like? This way, if they like the date, cool. You guys found common ground. On the contrary, if they don't like it, at least you figure out early what some of your differences are. Right?

    • Ohhh. Then you should choose something you like doing.

    • Cool. Thanks. :-)

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What Girls Said 3

  • You should discuss what you both at least kind of like and go with that. If you both like horror movies then go see a scary movie or watch one at your house or something. If you both like watching football then go see a football game. If you have absolutely nothing in common (which I doubt) then go out to dinner since everyone likes food lol.

  • You should try to find a middle ground. Take turns. Once you do thing that you want, next time what your partner wants.

    • That makes sense, but if you guys have vastly different taste, will you enjoy each other's company?

  • Discuss what you want to do and maybe take turns if you go on multiple dates.
    If this is only for one date, food is probably your best choice.
    Try to find something you are both interested in or find something either you or the other want to do that might piqued the other's interest in trying it out.


What Guys Said 3

  • I watch whatever she wants unless she can't make up her mind.
    One girl wanted to watch Man Of Steel: Yass
    Another wanted to watch Warm Bodies: Meh

    • Good idea. Letting her choose is a safe bet. What would you choose in the event she was indecisive.

    • I'd suggest the movie I would want to watch, but not make it obvious that I really wanna watch it.

    • Ooooh, slick!

  • It should be for both people if possible. Maybe you can take turns and let her first and then you go the second date and vise versa

  • You should find some common ground and interests.

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