Is it going well or is there something wrong?

So I have been going out with this girl for a about 2 weeks and whenever im around her she always lets me be myself and I can be real around her I always make her laugh and she always makes me smile. However, today I gave her a game she was wanting but she didn't even say thank you, so I was just like wtf in my mind. And later on we were hanging out after school and she didn't really want to kiss me and I felt like I was doin something wrong, granted its only been 2 weeks and we haven't kissed yet and she has been busy with a lot of hw and classes. I honestly think im looking into this too much but I want to make sure im just overexaggerating I mean this is the first day where I felt unhappy with her. Anyways what do you think?



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  • She just sounds like she was just having a bad day or something and plus your guys realtionship is still new, so maybe she isn't ready to kiss you just yet. there's a chance your you are overthinking it lol but if you feel somethings up there's nothing wrong with communicating with her about it, such ask her if she is having a a bad day or if something is wrong, to show you are concern. :)


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