Guys...why would you just stop texting out of nowhere?

this is something that really annoys me but I find most guys do just stop texting out of nowhere... its fine if the reply doesn't call for a reply but when your in the middle of a conversation with someone why would you just stop texting... I asked him if I was distracting him by texting him cause he was doing school work but he said "no your fine"... ok so in the middle he just stops texting...? is that normal?and why would he do that I mean if he's busy he could have just said really bothers me lol


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  • Just means he got bored or something came up. Its completely normal. It happens. Youve never had someone text you and keep texting you and you were bored and just stopped responding?

    • No I usually respond to people lol what do you mean like just getting tired of txting so your like whatever? lol well since texting is pretty much my life I guess its diff with me... but I asked him like 3 ?S in one text then he just stops texting... ill never get it it just drives me nutts

    • Yeah you're probably just more of a texter than he he and instead of hurting ur fellings like 'leave me alone' he just stops replying.

      You shouldnt get offended by it, but you should lay off the texts so much and let him text you next time.

    • I do that sometimes... he should know by now my feelings don't get hurt I don't care if he doesn't want me to txt him I asked him if I was distracting id rather him tell me he's busy then let me feel stupid txting him that's why I don't usually text again if he doesn't text back but I'm about to let him know he's annoying with that and if he's busy he has to let me know lol

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