When it comes to texting I think he is kind of nervous.

so I like this guy and I need to know why he will talk and flirt a lot with me at school but when it comes to texting I think he is kind of nervous so he doesn't know what to say and he knows I like him but I usually text him first so should I stop texting him and btw he gave me his number without me asking...so I need help on this.


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  • some guys don't like texting that much or talking on the phone and prefer all of the talking to be in person! I actually know a few guys like that! You need to play hard to get...Guys like a challenge..Don't always be the "first" one to text or call- - let him..and when he does don't be to available (like always answering when he calls or texts)..Guys like mystery and that's how you keep them attracted to you

  • Call him and take it slow from there. Don't be too pushy becuase you will come off as clingy. Just take it slow =]

    • Okay thanks...so I should like skip a day of texting him then text him...and I need to figure out how to make him like more open like he acts like he is nervous but he doesn't give one words answers though..oh yeah and I have this other problem like I want to hug him but kinda too shy lol

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