I'm getting played aren't I GUYS?

in beginning I could of cared less but he started proving himself to me taking me out offering me rides after work things escalated he brought me around his close friends , he told me I'm his girlfriend and our coworkers believe that as well but my friend flirted with him and he gave her his number they texted flirting and when she asked him if there was anyone he said nope he doesn't know we know each other but should I just start being distant with him. he did say he loved which I thought was odd even tho it adds up minus the fact that he can flirt with a girl just like that , he also said he didn't want to officially make me his girl cause its around the holidays

  • he's a douche you already know , give him a taste of his medicine
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  • he's not taking any other girl seriously therefore is harmless
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  • just drop him completely , deserve better
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I would leave him if I were you, I dated someone who is a player who is now my ex. You deserve better honestly you don't deserve him he's just going to use you. He flirts with many girls so of course that's a clue right there my ex does the same thing. Move on he isn't ready for a fully committed relationship.


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  • he is an ass
    kick him the balls and leave
    he wants sex from you, from your friend and probably everyone else


What Girls Said 2

  • Ditch the loser. He's not worth it and is obviously not looking for a committed relationship.

  • Don't waste anymore time.. Tell him you're not interested anymore so he can scoot scoot lol...

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