Naked pics on his phone?

I have been seeing a 24 year old boy for the past two months, and he's been great, he told me he's not very experienced and has only slept with one girl (and me now). The other day he took me out for dinner and I was showing him pics on my phone and asked to see his photo roll, and he said 'probably best not to, cus there are loads of naked girl photos on there'. I'm not sure what I am to him, like whether or not I'm his girlfriend so I didn't say anything, but it really upset me, because they are girls he knows... and I'm not sure whether its normal and I'm over reacting, or whether it is an early warning sign. I'm glad he told me and didn't lie, but there were a good few photos (about 20 or 30 from what I could figure out) Help please!! x


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  • No its normal for a guy to have naked girls on his phone
    he probably is sexting them and by saying it out loud that he has them then you probably aren't his girlfriend just a fuck buddy
    so you might want to have the "talk" with him now


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  • Going yo fault him for being honest aren't you?

    Normal I would say. But just ask him to erase. If he refuses reevaluate. If he does then you know what prize you got.


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  • If he's slept with you and is continuing to see you he shouldn't have those photos anymore. Naked pictures of p*rn stars or something like that is barely acceptable. But when it's girls he knows it's a bad sign. Talk to him about it.