Girl broke up and came back again and again. Why?

A friend of mine had this girlfriend, who was really sweet to him when they first met, then started to be cold to him after dating him for two months, broke up with him, came back to him again, broke up with him for the second time, saying she couldn't get over her ex, yet came back to him again.

Recently she started treating my friend really sweet once again.

What is going on with this girl?


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  • The girl is basically using him as his personal pillow
    whenever she needs him she comes to him and when she is emotionally full she kicks him
    tell yr friend to get rid of her she's a bitch


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  • The better question is "what's going on with your friend?" HE keeps taking her back.

    • That's exactly what I thought! He told me he still loves her. But I feel like that feeling is NOT reciprocal... If that girl loves him too, she wouldn't have treated him that way.

  • Mental instability.


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