I feel like my boyfriend is cheating and/or using me.

I've been feeling like he's been cheating/using me lately. I don't know why. I've gotten cheated on before & that caused me to have trust issues. He hardly texts me back. I feel like he's talking to other girls when he's not talking to me. Yesterday he got out of school at 10pm & I texted him at 8pm then fell back asleep. I woke up at 9pm & texted him "baaabyyy" & still no reply. I don't want to bother him because I feel like he's busy & I'm being a burden /: I wrote him a letter yesterday about how much he meant to me (30 pages through text) @5:30am & he never texted back so at 11am I said "fine , don't text back. bye." & he finally texted back. Should I just stop trying? I'm really hurt & I don't know what to do.


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  • I don't like to point fingers, brvnda, in accusing him of being a cheat sheet, however, there are Raised Red Flag sings here, dear, that Indicate to Me-----Still no reply.
    You both are apparently are in this short or long term relationship, and with your history of 'Trust issues,' this could have had a domino affect on things that has gotten to the point of going down a beaten path and a possible War of the Romance Roses.
    You both need to sit down and Soon have a serious convo. Open lines of communication is one of the most important factors in any new or old relationship. He is finding lame duck excuses for putting you on hi spay no mind list, and whether it is being with someone or just wanting to Be free as a bird now, he needs to come clean with you so you can put this to bed or put you two love birds either in or out of your nest now.
    There is definitely trouble in Denmark. And with you even pouring your heart out to him, I find that with his rude and crude boyish behavior that just put salt in your war wound, after all that was said and Done-----He 'Done' nothing to make things any better... it sounds as though he wants to fly the coup.
    Good luck. xx


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  • i think u r getting over protective and thats driving him away
    give him some space

    and please dont text someone a 30 page text because they will never read the entire thing and even if they love you they would get a reason to leave you

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    • no reply like you normally do
      just dont initiate texting
      and i know its gonna be hard but seriously he needs space
      specially after the stunt you pulled lol who sends 30 page text

    • they didn't separately send. it was pit all together. it looked like it was one page.

  • Wow 30 pages. Why don't you just propose already? That's what is called clingy. Maybe he's not texting back because he feels like he can't breathe because you're smothering him. If he texted you back you would keep texting wouldn't you? He doesn't want to start a conversation, he'll see you when he sees you and will talk to you when he talks to you.


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  • Sending 30 text is a red flag to most guys. Things like that beed to be talked about in person, not over a device, because it takes the personal aspect out of the conversation. Honestly, it sounds like you two are in the stages of breaking up, which is okay. If that happens, take what you've learned from this relationship and try to use that wisdom on similar situations that you encounter throughout life. Hold your head up high and don't cry so hard, your a beautiful young woman.

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