Should I just let this one go? Is she inexperienced? Give her another chance? Wait?

So I'm a salsa dancer. It's an alien atmosphere to some, I know. Let's lay down the facts: She saw me one night, we talked about both passing a class we had (it's a difficult class). She said something to the effect of "but I don't know the names of all the moves yet", so I took that as a cue to get her number. Fast forward a couple of weeks, to where we both have time to meet up on the Saturday - we planned to go to a class then but it was cancelled, so we ended up talking for 2 hours, grabbing a drink etc. I texted her, said I had a great time chatting to her. No response. See her the Tuesday at class. Chat about another class. I decided I wouldn't go. Get a text the next day from her about the class. I tell her I can't make it. Fast forward a week, on advice of my female friends I denied any contact until Tuesday (see her in person, chat) . Ask her about the Wed class (i. e. lastweek/tomorrows) she's going back. She's keen to go back, and seems keen when I say I can make this one.

All during this time, I get the huge indication she's not really interested as much as I am - never says 'bye' before she leaves etc, which is what I would expect from someone who actually cared/wanted to develop a relationship. I can't tell if she's playing hard to get, not interested in that kind of relationship, not experienced in relationships (i. e. doesn't understand etiquette) or anything else.

Facts: (1) She's finishing her PhD, which I know is stressful (2) Almost immediately after that (in about 3 weeks), she's going on holiday for 2 months with her housemate (female) (3) I'm happy to friendzone her. It's be easier, and there are hotter girls @ salsa. I like her intelligence though, and do see her as a potential partner (4) We're both superintelligent people ( I won't bore you with my details) (5) When I was away for a week, I know she didn't attend the advanced class

What are your thoughts/advice?



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  • She seems to be inexperienced, based on the details you provided
    but I can't be entirely sure, obviously..

    You could try to either wait a couple weeks while
    going on as you would now, or perhaps you could try to be
    a tad bit more forthcoming in your intentions.

    It could be that she's not on wave-length with
    what you're getting at, and just sees you as
    a kind guy? ^.^