She's been cheating and he's said this to her?

I'm really struggling to help my sister cut a long story short she's been stupid !! Cheating with a guy who has a gf and a child and another on the way !! They had a huge argument she's told me everything she's in bits over this , she's even threatened to contact his gf ! He told my sister if she does he will still like my sister ! What is he doing to her? What should I do to help her or say?


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  • they are both in a silly little love triangle. both are behaving badly. both are really doing things that are very morally wrong. I would say the guy is more at fault but your sister certainly deserves plenty of fault as well. you need to tell your sister that this relationship is just horrible. that she is the other woman and will always be that. that there is someone better out their for her, someone who isn't a liar, full of deceit, and clearly doesn't take responsibility for his actions


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  • What does your sister want?

    Does she just want to hurt this guy? I'm sure she can manage, altho she should restrain herself :p

    Does she want him to break up with his partner and date her? That's a reaaaally rocky start to a relationship.

    Does she not know what she wants, but she's hurting? Maybe she should back off from the relationship for a week and see how she feels after that. A week is doable.


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  • Is your sister just the other woman or is she also cheating on a s/o with this guy? Just curious...

    Anyways... Remind her that any man so twisted to jeopardize the circle of love inside of his family is not worth the time or energy to be with. By that I mean, this man has a girlfriend, a child and a child on the way... Where is his showing of being a real man and loving his children and s/o other the way they are supposed to be? I am not sure if I follow the whole story here though. Is he pretty much just egging your sister on to tell his girlfriend? Why would he ever want his girlfriend to hurt like that? Especially if she is pregnant?

    That is such a stress on that woman and her child in the womb.

    • No she's single he isn't , my sister said this to him in anger she wouldn't tell his gf really , he said he will still like my sister even if she did ! She's comfused by him

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    • My point is that there is a man that will treat her exactly how she is meant to be treated and if she chooses to go the route of being with the present relationship she really needs to guard her heart. Something beautiful may come out of it but something hurtful may as well... She needs to protect her self and you should speak wisdom into her and give her thoughtful advice and opinions.

    • It's hard for her she loves him and he says he can't let go of my sister , they hardly have sex he lives miles away from her so it's not often