I like this work colleague but she keeps offering to set me up. How do I drop the hint I like her?

Sometimes she asks who I like and I want to drop subtle hints that it's her. Last time when I said it was someone at work she seemed excited and asked who. I didn't tell her because I didn't dare. If she asks again how can I drop the hint being very subtle? I don't want to tell her directly


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  • Girls can be just as oblivious as guys! Just say it. I mean if you're looking for what to say, next time she suggests setting you up with someone you can just say, how about you go out with me instead. Even then she might think your joking depending on how you say it so if she's like "what?" Or laughing just say it again, will you go out with me! :) best of luck

  • Ask her out! Don't be subtle! She won't get subtle hints


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