So Guys... I'm dating my boss?

So... In dating my boss... We have only been dating about a month and a half now... We've had sex 2twice wihich have been the best think I've ever experienced seriously.. He's sweet funny and thoughtful... At work we keep things cool so no one knows what's going on because it's against the rules... But afterwork we sometimes hang out to just talk or have sex... im gaining feelings and I'm almost petrified that I'm going to get hurt... He says things like your supposed to take care of me & gives me messages at work buys me lunch and makes sure I can work as if I'm full time but it's like 2 other girls that like him at my job and he told me but I'm worried he could be seeing them even though he sometimes brush them off... Any advice... I might be over thinking 😣😣😣😣😣😔 However It's Making Me Sad


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  • Just date him and have fun. Don't take it seriously. It's going to end, you know that


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  • You are dancing on the edge of a cliff. And if things go sour, your boss isn't going to get hurt nearly as much as you are, and you have a fair chance of losing your job.

    So the only advice I can give is communicate with him: does he want a monogamous relationship? If he says he does, then you have to decide if you trust him. If you don't know if you can trust him... you really really shouldn't be dating him.

    Oh, and make sure you have some savings in your bank account - it can sometimes take a while to find a new job.

  • the work place will get hostile
    if you can keep it physical then continue if you can't then end this

    • So you don't think it could be anything more? 😕

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    • insallah it will
      stop worrying so much

    • Ok thankiesss 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘 Peace and love ❤️❤️💞💞💞

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  • Dating the boss is not wise. If it goes south, your job could be at risk and I don't know bout you but I got bills to pay so no time for that mk. Lol but yea workplace relationships are risky. Someone could get jealous and go to hr and all kinda crazy junk. Just be careful.

    • Yea I make sure to keep it separate.. No one knows everyone thinks I only date black guys.. all of the managers love me so I doesn't look so crazy when he plays favorites

  • He sounds like a power user. I am sure you are not the first or last girl he's used his position and power to win over.

    You are already on the hook and when it goes bad, it will go really bad.
    It's a good idea to never hook up at work.

    • I'm already stuck how can I make this situation last?

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    • I know about the only one he claims to have had and I've checked around and the info is accurate... he knows I'm not Into sharing and I won't have it... Plus when I tell him we need to talk he automatically ask what did he do... I watch his demeanor.. And how he treats others if know if something's up unless he's really hiding it

    • Well you pretty much just have to stay vigilant and wait.
      But eventually it will have to come out or the secrecy will damage everything.

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